Friday, 27 April 2012

The London Underground

Another short series of miniature hand-built collages. The London Underground... or 'The Ticket Collection'. The collages aim to explore the notion of perceived, but unintentional narratives. A short sketchbook exercise.

Digital Collage - Swiss graphics influences

Currently working on a series of digital collages of 'cityscapes',  based on Bristol, Bath and London. These explore composition, juxtaposition and colour palettes suggested by Swiss graphics styles of the 1950's. The main battle here was dealing with the inconsistencies of digital print. Getting screen, stock and printer profiles set in order to print what is seen on screen is a nightmare! The images you see here are somewhat lighter that I would prefer on screen.... but, printed out correctly. I know... I should have duplicated files and adjusted a set for screen too! The set here based on Bristol... more to follow. All prints are A3

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thanks for further responses - Recession

My thanks to Kareem Rizk for his recent response to the end of year project. Kareem managed to fit this in around his move to Europe - so my appreciation to him for the effort and interest in my work. His submitted piece - 'Tall tales' - below. Check out Kareem's work at:

Thanks also to Rob Kettell for his response to and interest in the project and my on-going work. I am hoping that Rob might also provide a foreword to the printed piece for the show. His submission below based on a quote by WH Auden.

Monday, 9 April 2012

More work for the show - Recession etc.

Thanks to Caroline Tomlinson for the great piece of work above for the course end of year show piece. My apologies to Caroline for the confusion of unanswered email conversations recently... got there in the end!
It's nice  to see that Caroline has this piece of work on her site - - crediting the collaboration for the MA show in June.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

'Recession- it doesn't have to be like this' - 2

An additional piece of work received yesterday from Angelica Paez. Many thanks to Angelica not only for the work, but also for her interest in my work and the links to my sites that she has made. This has already increased visitors to my blog and Flickr sites prompting others' to comment on my work. Really appreciated.

Angelica Paez - 'Sock Market'

Check out lots of great collage on Angelicas site!

More work to come as it arrives

'Recession- it doesn't have to be like this'

Posted below are some of the responses I have have started to received from selected artists as discussed in the previous post. My thanks to all involved; I really appreciate the time taken to produce the visual response for the project and the comments that you have sent me about my own work in this blog and on my Flickr site(link below). I will gradually be adding links to your sites from this blog.

Marion Deuchars - untitled

Alexei Vella - 'Future Sight'

Valero Doval - untitled

More to Follow!

Preparation for end of year show - inspirational practitioners

Recently I emailed a small group of practitioners who have inspired and informed my work during my MA study. Each artist was sent the flyer below and given a personal invite to respond to the brief for my MA year group end of year show publication. I've been really pleased with the responses received and promises of work for the deadline. The work has now started to roll in and I will soon begin to post the responses with credits to the artist. My thanks to all those that have agreed to take part... and to those that have not yet replied, it's not too late!